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Dr. LawrenceMariculture Research
Addison L. Lawrence, Ph.D.


The Mariculture Project at Port Aransas will develop shrimp and sea urchin farming industries for Texas and the US; develop sea urchin feed and production technology for biomedical and ecotoxicological research; develop starfish feed and production for regeneration and stem cell production; and evaluate fishery processing, biofuel/biodiesel, and grain crops as nutritional replacements in shrimp feeds. Technology transfer to private industry and public institutions and graduate training are primary components of this program.Research


  • Develop raceway and feed production technology for sustainable, environmentally-friendly¬† shrimp and sea urchin farming industries.
  • Develop raceway and feed technology for year-round predictable production of sea urchins and starfish for regeneration, stem cell, and human development biomedical research; ecotoxicological evaluation of coastal water per EPA and USGS.
  • Determine economic and nutritive value of by-products from the biofuel/biodiesel industry in shrimp feeds.

Impact Statements:

  • Developed intellectual property for shrimp and sea urchin feed which increases nutrient quality and decreases cost of feeds, resulting in an estimated increase (greater than 5%) in the internal rate of return.
  • Verifying by-products from the fishery processing, grain crops, and biodiesel/biofuel, can be used as shrimp feed ingredients with a value of $400 to $1,000 per ton for national and international feeds.


Omega Protein; Mionix; Temple-Inland; Texas Shrimp Farms; GT Nutrition/Corn Products; Ralco Nutrition; Zeigler Brothers Feeds; Rangen Feeds; POET, Grain Sorghum Check-Off; Univ. of Arizona; Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham; Oceanic Institute/Hawaii Pacific Univ.; Univ. of Hawaii; Mississippi Southern Univ.; Auburn Univ.; Texas A&M Universities at College Station, Kingsville, and Corpus Christi; Waddell SC Mariculture Center; Virginia Tech Univ.

Addison L. Lawrence, Ph.D.
Professor, Regent Fellow, Senior Faculty Fellow, Project Leader, Scientist in Charge
1300 Port Street, Port Aransas, TX 78373
361-749-4625 /

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