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The Crop Weather Program

CwpSiteThe Crop-Weather Program for South Texas (CWP) is a web-based decision support system designed to assist agricultural research and crop managers. CWP was one of the first agricultural decision support systems to be deployed over the Internet and has been available at since March 2000.

Mostly dedicated to cotton, CWP provides 24-hour easy access to historical and current weather data and a suite of calculators and numerical simulation tools that generate field-specific information about the crop and its environment.

CWP has a very friendly user interface and works across all computing platforms connected to the Internet. To make it even friendlier, flash-based demos and tutorials have been added to help demonstrate the use of tools and calculators.

More informed crop management decisions begin here…

CWP harnesses the power of a user-friendly on-line decision support system to help agricultural research and crop MyCWP, the password protected user interface of the Crop Weather Program, you can easily store and access field-specific data and estimate production conditions to help you manage your agricultural resources.

Internet-age tools to aid crop management…

MyCWP is a collection of user-friendly calculators (tools) that integrate crop growth and development and weather data to help crop managers make more informed decisions. All of the calculations and reports that users generate are stored in that users private area of MyCWP.

Currentlt, MyCWP tools include:

  • Daily Rainfall Tool
  • Reference PET
  • Pre-planting Soil Temperature
  • Pesticide Application Record
  • Degree Day Calculator
  • My Rainfall Record
  • Soil Moisture
  • Post-planting Soil Temperature
  • Crop Development
  • Crop Water Use
  • My Irrigation Record
  • Irrigation Monitor
  • Defoliation

CwpSiteAll of these tools are accessed over the Internet, so there is no need to install anything additional on your computer. Weather data from our automated network of weather stations, mostly located along the Coastal Plains of Texas, are seamlessly integrated onto MyCWP.

Registered users can log into MyCWP to access weather data and tools. To use tools for specific production fields, users need to create field profiles that consist of unique information pertaining to a specific field management unit, such as the name of the field, year of production, soil type, slop of the field, type of water supply, planting date, planting density, row spacing, cultivar planted and so forth.

Field profiles are easily created using a very friendly user interface. Once created a field profile is automatically stored in a database and later used as input for performing calculations, thus avoiding repetitive data entry every time a simulation tool is executed. These field profiles are made available to the user via a drop-down menu in MyCWP.

CWP is a powerful and easy to use decision support system for crop managers and researchers.

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