Corpus Christi Ag Symposium-2015

Dr. Joe Paschal

When is Black Red?

An overview of current discoveries in beef cattle genetics and genomics, when a gene is not THE gene (is black really black?), can nutrition “whip” genes, and how many EPDs do you really need? Some basic knowledge inheritance (like knowing why you look like your parents) is recommended. ( View Webinar )

Dr. Levi Russell

What Drives Calf Prices in South Texas

Rising consumer demand and serious drought have pushed calf prices to record highs. This presentation discusses the impact of various genetic, managerial, and marketing factors on calf prices in South Texas. ( View Webinar )

Dr. Joe Paschal

Why Did She Eat That?

A ground to ground level view of the passage of feed through a cow’s digestive tract including diet selection, digestion, requirements and supplementation. Some knowledge of feeds and feeding and cow digestion is recommended. ( View Webinar )

Dr. Megan Clayton

King Ranch & Kleberg Bluestem Management

The widespread invasive of old world bluestems has created land management issues for most of the state. Learn what is known about their response to different management practices and how to deal with them once you have them! ( View Webinar )

Dr. Andrew Ropicki

Economic Feasibility of Commercial Aquaponics in South Texas

This presentation presents the results of an analysis of the economic feasibility of a commercial scale aquaponics facility in south Texas. The analysis is based on an aquaponics system being tested at the Weslaco AgriLife Center.     ( View Webinar )

Mac Young

The Crop Analyzer Tool

This presentation will describe the best scenarios for using the Excel-based tool. Additionally, a step-by-step demonstration of how the tool works will be given. ( View Webinar )

Dr. Robert Bowling

The Sugarcane Aphid: A Review and Update

This presentation will provide a review of sugarcane aphid biology and direct and indirect damage to sorghum.  The presentation will also provide an update on sugarcane aphid activity, insecticides available (registered and those with a section 18), as well as projects and demos for the upcoming season. ( View Webinar )

Dr. Josh McGinty

Know Your Enemy: Herbicide Resistant Weeds 

An update on the current status of herbicide resistant weeds will be given, as well as a discussion on the mechanisms of resistance, why these problems occur, and management strategies.  ( View Webinar )

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