Corpus Christi Ag Symposium-2016

April 19, 2016

Genetic Testing for Qualitative Traits and EPDs – Dr. Joe Paschal

The completed map of the cattle genome has made the search for genes that can cause genetic diseases through “loss of function” much easier and it has also enhanced the ability to more accurately predict the performance of animals, especially very young calves, through Genome Enhanced Expected Progeny Differences. ( View Recording )

Economics of Herd Rebuilding in South Texas – Dr. Levi Russell

As we turn the corner in the cattle cycle and calf prices decline, financial considerations of herd rebuilding are particularly important. The spreadsheet tool introduced in this presentation can be used by producers to determine the maximum bid price for replacement females and to examine the keep vs. sell decision. ( View Recording )

Economics of Bull Selection – Mac Young

This will be a review of factors affecting ranch economics based on bull selection and use criteria including breed, age, breeding ratios, calving percentages and EPD levels. ( View Recording )

Preparation for Brush Control Applications this Spring and Summer – Dr. Megan Clayton

It is almost time to start applying herbicide to most brush species – are you ready? We will discuss some do-it-yourself brush control equipment options, calibrating your spray equipment, how to select the right (and cheapest!) herbicide for the job, and how to prepare the spray mix so that you’re ready when the plants are in the best condition. ( View Recording )

Cattle Market Update – Dr. Levi Russell

As we move into the next phase of the cattle cycle, it’s important to discuss market trends and to look at where prices will be going in the coming year. ( View Recording )

Cotton Technologies Update – Dr. Josh McGinty

An update will be given on the latest cotton variety performance results from the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Coastal Bend, and Upper Gulf Coast regions, along with an update on new weed control technologies available for cotton.      ( View Recording )

Sugarcane Aphid Update: Changes from Section 18 – Dr. Robert Bowling

Sugarcane aphid management for 2016 will be dynamic as options are uncertain at the current time. This presentation will provide management updates as well as an update on tools available for managing sugarcane aphid in sorghum including status of section 18 requests for Transform and other products as well as a reduced phi for Sivanto. ( View Recording )

Pesticide Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet – Dr. Megan Clayton

Although there are an endless number of smartphone applications available, we will cover some of the apps related to pesticide application that you may find useful for managing your rangeland, pasture, or crops this year.

( View Recording )

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