Juan Landivar Bowles, Ph.D.

Juan Landivar Bowles, Ph.D.

Juan Landivar Bowles, Ph.D.

Professor and Center Director, Research
Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center
10345 Hwy 44, Corpus Christi, TX 78406


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Brief Profile:

Dr. Juan Landivar Bowles earned a bachelor’s degree in crop science in 1976, a master’s degree in plant genetics in 1979 and doctorate in crop physiology in 1987, from Mississippi State University.   In 1988, joined the Texas A&M System as a cropping systems expert at the Corpus Christi center.   Areas of expertise include development of management strategies for the use of growth regulators in cotton and for helping to develop a Crop Weather Station Network with simulation models and management tools for cotton and sorghum farmers.   In 1998, Landivar joined Delta and Pine Land Co. as director of research and technical services for Latin America.  Before returning to Corpus Christi, Dr. Landivar served as vice-president of the company’s board of directors’ joint ventures in Brazil.  Currently (2008 to date) serves as Center Director at Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Centers at Corpus Christi and Weslaco Texas, where he directs programs in the development of cropping systems for Cotton, Sorghum, Wheat, Citrus, Sugar Cane and Vegetables for South Texas, the development of mariculture technology, Beef Cattle reproductive physiology and nutrition and in the development of sustainable biofuel production systems.

Areas of Research interest;

Main objective is the development of crop management tools for the design of economic and environmentally sustainable cropping systems for Texas and beyond.

  1. Physiology of crop growth and yield
  2. Development and application of process level crop simulation models
  3. Mode of action and uses of plant growth regulators
  4. Development of remote sensing systems for research and precision management
  5. Development of UAS based platforms for high throughput phenotyping

Selected Collaborations and Thanks:

Many thanks to Dr. Craig Nessler, Bill McCutchen, David Lunt and Bob Avant for their continuous support to our research programs at Corpus Christi and Weslaco. Much appreciate the partnership with Dr. Jinha Jung and Joe Fox, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi for their generous and tireless support, loyalty, and friendship. The support of my fellow Center Directors at Texas A&M AgriLife and Department Heads at the College of Agriculture and Life Science, Texas A&M University is also recognized and appreciated.  I also recognize the immense support of my colleagues at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension throughout the state. Finally, I appreciate the loyal and diligent support of my management team at Texas A&M AgriLife at Corpus Christi and Weslaco.


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