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Winter 2015-2016 sugarcane aphid talks and posters  (click here to view)


Fall 2015 Seminar Series

August 10 “Best Calf and Reproductive Management Practices – Profit Insurance for High Production Risks and Cattle Investment Costs” Mac Young, Extension Program Specialist II, Risk Management

September 14 “Sugar Cane Aphid on Sorghum: Southern Texas Update” Dr. Robert Bowling, Assistant Professor & Extension Entomologist

October 5 “2015 Extension Agronomy Research Summary” Dr. Josh McGinty, Assistant Professor & Extension Agronomist

November 2 “Analyzing Implied Discount Rates from the Gulf of Mexico IFQ Programs” Dr. Andrew Ropicki, Assistant Professor & Extension Economist, Aquaculture

December 7 “Beef Cattle in Latin America” Dr. Joe C. Paschal, Professor & Extension Livestock Specialist

Sugarcane Aphid Scouting School

Information contained in this document will aid in the identification of the sugarcane aphid on sorghum.  It serves as a review of basic sugarcane aphid biology, damage, economic thresholds and guidelines for monitoring this new aphid pest on sorghum. Numerous color photos will provide visual aids to learning about the aphid. (Scouting School click here)

Sugarcane Aphid Scout Card

The sugarcane aphid scouting card provides monitoring details for the early detection and scouting for the aphid on sorghum. Information on the sugarcane aphid economic threshold is included. The card provides detailed images of aphid infested leaves serving as an excellent reference to estimating aphid densities. This card serves as an outstanding resource for guidelines to monitoring the sugarcane aphid. (Scouting Card click here)

 Sugarcane Aphid and Ranch Management Workshops Offered

The first is a Sugarcane Aphid Turn-row Meeting on Tuesday, May 12th and the second is a Spring Ranch Management Field Day on Thursday, May 14th. Both are designed to provide growers with timely information that will benefit their agricultural operation and provide continuous education units to those maintaining a pesticide license. For More information ( Click Here )

A&M AgriLife Research Monthly Seminar Series April 6, 2015

“Developing Sugarcane Aphid (Homoptera:Aphididae) Management and Outreach Programs for Sorghum Producers” Speaker: Dr. Robert Bowling Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Meetings will be broadcast via the web. Use this link for online meeting. Location: https://texasrangeclassroom.adobeconnect.com/coastalbend/
and this link for system check: https://ccag.tamu.edu/files/2014/01/online.pdf
Apr. 6, 2015 Program starts at 1 p.m. Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center
10345 Hwy 44 Corpus Christi, TX 78406 Center Auditorium

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