Field Crops Entomology
Michael (Mike) Brewer, Ph.D.

The Field Crops Entomology Program will conduct research and technology transfer activities to identify pest management tools that can be used strategically when pest pressure warrants, and to integrate pest management decision aids into cropping management systems, locally and area-wide. The program will work with industry, Research, Extension, and education partners to focus on priority and emerging pest management issues relevant to fiber and grain crops of South Texas while contributing to regional and national goals in pest management.

Research Objectives:

  1. Improve pest management practices by assessing plant response to pest and beneficial insects in new management systems and under changing environmental conditions.
  2. Develop pest management decision support for cropping systems by linking harvest damage with in-season insect and plant monitoring activities.
  3. Contribute to area-wide insect management by evaluating plant stress and cropping system effects on pest risk.
  4. Transfer technologies working with pest management professionals.

Selected Projects and Accomplishments:

  1. Sampling techniques, windows of plant vulnerability, and decision aids for plant bug and cotton fleahopper management on cotton have been developed.
  2. Insect feeding and their ability to transmit disease on cotton bolls and corn ears have been evaluated under irrigated and drought conditions.
  3. Cropping system maps with associated pest insect abundance histories have been generated to identify areas of high pest risk.
  4. Potential insect pests are being evaluated in new crops and neighboring established crops of South Texas.

Selected Collaborations and Thanks:

Many thanks to the Research Entomology staff and students working on these projects, and to the following for their support and collaborations: Extension and Research personnel at Corpus Christi, Weslaco, Lubbock, and College Station; South Texas private consultants and growers; students and colleagues at TAMU Kingsville and Del Mar College, and regional industries and grower associations.

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Michael (Mike) Brewer, Ph.D.
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