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Forage Agronomy research at the Corpus Christi center is focused on systems with the goal of enhancing resource use efficiency. Resource use efficiency can be improved through management, including integrating legumes or agricultural co-products into animal, food, and fiber systems. This research has resulted in greater adoption of conservation agriculture in the south Texas region.

Remote sensing applications to grassland management

A transdisciplinary team of agronomists, geospatial and data scientists, and engineers collaborating to solve grassland management problems with remote sensors. Developing technologies to measure biomass and botanical composition with remote sensors and tools for practical applications.

Conservation agriculture systems

Row cropsA multidisciplinary team of agronomists, soil scientists, physiologists, and other fields of study working to assess the impacts of conservation agriculture methods on cropping systems. Strip-tillage, no-tillage, cover cropping, and double-cropping are beneficial to the soil, including enhanced soil organic matter and water holding capacity. FieldPrint Calculator from Field to Market is used to quantify sustainable improvements over time.

Evaluate novel forages

Evaluate novel forages and management strategies to enhance livestock production and/or secondary income sources, such as wildlife habitat or bioenergy.

Jamie L. Foster, Ph.D., P.A.S.

Dr. Jamie L. Foster

Professor, Forage Agronomy

Team Members

  • Brittany Garza
  • Carlos Serna


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  • Foster, J.L., M.E. Bean, C. Morgan, G. Morgan, R. Mohtar, J. Landivar, and M. Young. 2018. Comparison of two tillage practices in a semi-arid cotton-grain sorghum rotation. Agron. J. 110: 4: 1572-1579. doi:10.2134/agronj2017.12.0706
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